Help Create the GiveList

The GiveList is a resource of ways to support communities and causes this holiday season* that don’t necessarily require writing a check.  We all know it’s rough out there this year, but that also means that the needs of people and communities are also greater than every.  There are a lot of ways that a creative do-gooder can continue to help heal the world.

And we’re betting, actually praying, that you know a bunch of ways to help.  Share ’em.

Whether you’re’ing, twittering, posting or flickring just tag it GiveList and we’ll find it and share your contribution ideas with the world.

* We’re starting now during the “giving season” but the GiveList can be year-round activities too!


  1. not everything tagged #givelist fits the criteria. Pet Fish Soap in a Bag is very cute but has nothing to do with supporting others.

  2. @Laura, Thanks. It appears other people are using the tag to help them track gift ideas to family and friends. A few more days of spreading the word and we should have a nice batch of givelist-ness.

    And if that doesn’t work, I’ll figure out a work around to help deal with the issue.

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