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You are in the New York Times

A post in today’s Motherlode parenting blog in the New York Times points to the GiveList and your tweets and contributions.

Big shout out to @gurnage, @kivilm, @wharman, @sharonschneider, @GrantsChampion, @kanter, @cybersibesk, Youth Serve America, @PeepsHelpPeeps, and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra for their ideas and inclusion in the article.

Have more ideas? Drop them in the comments to the post and we’ll find ’em and use ’em for the GiveList v2.


You tweet and blogged. And we collect 71 givelist ideas.  You can also vote for your favorites. Finally, you can grab the list for yourself over at the Squidoo Lens. Just scroll down to the bottom of the list to get some code so that you can embed share the list.

But don’t think you’re done yet. We think there are more ideas out there and we’d love to push out a GiveList, v2.  So keep tweeting, blogging and bookmarking. Just add givelist so that we can find it.

This is great.  First off, thanks to all of y’all for sharing the #givelist word.  Second, thanks for sharing your givelist ideas!  Keep ’em comng.

Allison is collecting them in a sidebar over on their right under favorites and, as we get more, we’ll push out a few other goodies for you to play with.

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